Introduction to the Recovering Fat Kid Part 2 or How I Learned to Not Hate Running

So my bad for the Sopranos style cliffhanger on the last post. The need for sleep got in the way of finishing the story but this is how we learn and realize sleep is for the weak. Story time comes first So let’s get back to it. (DISCLAIMER: a full night’s sleep is actually fundamental to putting and keeping the weight off so embrace the bed and the necessity of a good old fashioned nap. Now let’s get back to it.)

I’m going to be upfront; I hated running. It was the absolute worst form of cardio in the history of cardio and I couldn’t stand it, it was so monotonous for me that I could never actually get into. Which is slight problem when you want to run a Tough Mudder since there’s roughly 10 miles of terrain and ridiculous obstacles that you have to run through. So when my friend Jen started talking about this running challenge for this past February, at least a mile for every day of the month, I knew it was going to be the absolute worst idea. But I kind of wanted to survive the Mudder, so I said what the hell and went along with it. Then the weirdest thing happened over the course of those 23 days (the stupid flu hit me like a Mac truck after I ran to the gym and I was out of commission for a few days). I actually started to like running. I got off the treadmill and started running through my neighborhood and enjoyed it.

My times were terrible and the competitive side of me loathed each and every slow pace but instead of letting the get me down like I used to, I let it fuel my hatefire and channeled that into getting better. I’m now at the point where if I don’t go running at least a 3-4 times a week I feel out of whack. My times are consistently getting better, sub 10 minute mile right here, and its all about getting faster and prepping for the next challenge. But I’m getting ahead of myself here, that’s for another post.

With February turning into March and my stamina slowly but surely increasing, preparation for the Mudder was in full swing but I did notice one thing after I started running in earnest. While some of the weight started to melt away, you plateau. You plateau hard and fast. I went from about 258 at the start of January when it was mostly lifting sessions at Planet Fitness about 3-5 times a week to around 242 towards the end of March when I brought into the idea of running not being the devil incarnate. And no matter how much harder I worked in the gym or on the road, the scale just wouldn’t move past the 240 mark. Frustration was mounting, anger was overruling the hatefire, and I was feeling bummed. But I’ll say it once and I’ll say 100,000,000 more times, having someone along the way to keep you honest and motivated is essential. Once again, Jen comes through in the clutch and talks me into putting down the pizza, sugary drinks and cookies. Yes I know I had the diet of an overgrown pre-diabetic Oompa Loompa but comfort food! Anyway, she talked me into doing the Whole30 for the end of March through most of April. The results spoke for themselves.

To Be Continued in Part 3 of 5. I think it’s going to be 5, it’s a fluid situation, we’ll see how it goes.

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