Heeeeee’ssssss Baaaaaccccckkkkkkk

Apologies for the long layoff between posts. Life gets in the way and writing took a slight backseat to the 9-5, job hunting, and training for the Philly Love Run half marathon. I wish I could say that all of that training and time away from the blog meant that I found myself closer to my goal weight or in a solid place mentally. But if there is one thing I learned over the past year and change, this journey is never a straight line. There’s always going to be bumps, detours, occasional backsliding, and some of the biggest triumphs I have had since I started.

As I’ve said before the ultimate goal for me is to get down to 170-175 lbs and then maintain that weight. So I did what worked in the past, do a Whole30 and watch as 20lbs drop like the bad kids in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. And that plan worked, to a degree. My body was used to that particular diet the second time and there was less extraneous fat that could melt off just by simply cutting out bread, dairy, and processed sugars. I did lose some weight and hit the 60lbs lost and got below 200 for the first time in I don’t actually know/care to admit. I subsequently got on the hype train and celebrated. Then the month ended and I fell off the wagon.

I didn’t fall that far off per say, but I still wound back over 200 and became stuck in that same limbo I have been for the past few months. I was depressed about it a little bit, that is a natural reaction and is part of the unhealthy relationship I have with the scale. But I had other things to worry about than the fickle scale. I had a half marathon to train for and thanks to how screwy the Eastern winter turned out to be, that became an adventure unto itself.

It’s also a story that deserves it’s post, which I promise will come later this week. Recovering Fat Kid’s honor.



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