Well this is Awkward

So I might be actually awful at keeping these posts timely and up to date. Like I’m fairly certain my last actual blog post was before my second Tough Mudder, which was awesome by the by. I’ve hit a stagnant point in this journey for a while now and it didn’t seem like the kind of uplifting and sometimes hilarious content you guys came to expect from me. Being stuck in a rut is the absolute worst.

I’ve been posting regularly to the Instagram and that’s where a small microcosm of the current struggles could be seen. I’ve hit a wall on the weight front, kind of seems like I’ve been in the 208-214 range for longer than I care to admit, and that’s after having hit the magical number of 199 for about 36 hours before I rediscovered the joys of mac and cheese. That ooey gooey temptress that I have problems denying.

It’s been a blow to the confidence seeing the number on the scale slowly creep back up. It’s the problem with backsliding, falling back onto bad habits is infinitely easier than maintaining the good habits that you spent so much time building up and achieved so much success by forging them. But then again, no one ever said recovery was a straight line.

I could make excuses. Say that a tight hip, achy back, and general life shenanigans got in the way of heading towards the ultimate goal of 175. But as my brother’s college Lax coach was fond of saying “Excuses are the nails that built the house of failure.” Aches and pains weren’t the reason why I strayed from the path and rediscovered the joys of the occasional Twinkies. Okay more than occasional. OKAY MORE THAN, MORE THAN OCCASIONAL. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!?

The point is, If you don’t hold yourself accountable for the decisions you make, than who will? Whether it’s deciding what you eat for lunch on a given day; whether you stay in a bad situation because you keep telling yourself that everything is fine when you know deep down it isn’t; or if you should really take the 15-20 minutes out of you day to stretch it out before a run; you have to be able to look yourself in the mirror at the end of the day and be able to say you have truly done everything you could have done to reach your goals that day. Also, speaking from personal experience, definitely do the stretching. Like all of the stretching. Your tight hip flexor will thank you later.

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