Naming Podcasts is Tougher than it Looks

I’m taking a quick time-out from stretching/running/doing absolutely nothing on my vacation to discuss one of the many ideas rattling around my head. Like I mentioned in the last post, I have an idea for launching a Podcast associated with the blog. I’ve down podcasts before in the past and it’s a medium that I grown to love for the breadth of content out there and the different types of people that it can reach. When done well, a podcast is a fantastic way to spend 30 minutes or more expanding your horizons or giving you some solid background noise while you catch a cat nap on a flight. So I’ve spent the past couple of days developing different ideas for the podcast and figuring out how to deliver the best content possible for potential listeners.

A quick checklist of what I’ve come up with so far.

1.) I have the service I’m looking to use to create the podcast. Anchor you beautifully simple and intuitive app have been a godsend. Also, bonus points to Vuje for steering me towards it in the first place.

2.) A general goal length for each episode. I’m thinking somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-45 minutes per episode, perhaps longer if the episode in question warrants a longer run time.

3.) Topics for the first 5 or so episodes at the ready. The standard introductory episode and then some meatier subjects that will hopefully be engaging, entertaining, thought provoking, and start conversations/debates. I do love me a good lively debate. There have been some hard fought battles over the Top 3 Movies that judge people for having not seen them. Friendships were pushed to their breaking point that day. That is the level of intensity I want these discussions to have. Or a couple notches below that, I do want people to come back and listen to more episodes after all.

4.) Knowing that I am by no means an expert on any one topic in the world of fitness and weight loss, I’m going to need some voices with a bit more clout to come on and offer their expertise and opinions on the different subjects I’m looking to cover. Also, if it’s just me talking into my phone for roughly 40 minutes, that’s just going to get boring for everyone involved. No one wants that.

5.) And lastly a name. Oh wait, no. This is the part I’m completely stuck on because NAMING STUFF IS HARD, MAN! Hell, it took my longer than I care to admit to come up with “Diary of a Recovering Fat Kid” in the first place. And I refuse to simply call it “Diary of a Recovering Fat Kid: The Podcast.” That’s just lazy. I don’t want to take the lazy way out on this, the lazy way is what got me to being 260 pounds in the first place.

Whether or not a more creative name comes to my in some grand epiphany, I’m aiming to have the first episode of the Podcast out either later this week or early next week. There will be a corresponding post when that goes live detailing where you can download that bit of glorious audio. All 7 of you that will humor me at least.

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