About the Name Change

Ok, so you may have noticed a slight change in the name of this humble blog. When I first started this blog it was meant as a way for me to talk about everything I went through during my weight loss, tell a couple self-deprecating jokes, and stretch my creative muscles. I wanted a title that reflected the self-deprecating tone, was catchy, and ultimately would stand out when I put it on the back of my Maximum Effort shirt for races. The Name Diary of a Recovering Fat Kid checked all of the boxes and led to this happy little following I’ve developed on Instagram and this blog. But, there was something nagging at me the entire time I was coming up with the name. That it was too negative.

I’ve talked about how dealing with poor self esteem and the constant negative self-talk has taken a toll on me over the years. The negative jerk goblin that resides in the back of my mind is a direct result of letting those feelings fester over time. It’s an ongoing battle to keep those negative thoughts back; the ones that tell you that can’t do this, or you can’t do that, or that it’s completely insane to even try to begin with, so why bother? It took me the better part of 27 years to take enough control back to start making positive changes in my life, but silencing the jerk goblin voice is still something I struggle with daily. It took some time to realize that even though I was making strides in fostering a more positive self image, there are still countless times where I’m shooting myself in the foot and I recognized that it starts and ends with how I talk to myself. Starting with Diary of a Recovering Fat Kid. 

Change is never easy. There’s always a list of things that your mind will tell you not to change and leave the status quo in tact. But true change is supposed to be terrifying. It’s where we go to find ourselves and live our best lives. Now, I’m not saying that simply changing the name of a blog falls under that same umbrella. But it is a step in the right direction towards a more positive outlook going forward. Danno Runs Through It will provide the same level of wit, shenanigans, and ridiculous stories about my training.

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